Stop Trying Hard for Money and Shift into Real Abundance

Attract Consistent Higher Income with Magnetism

[Online Zoom Event]

This Seminar will transform EVERYTHING!

You will be a completely different person after this event.

You will:
• shift your energy field,
• heal your deepest blockages,
• figure out trauma what is holding you back/small
• get clarity about what you really want
• learn strategies to build a strong holistic fundament, where you can build your most abundant & happy life.

It’s about your HEALTH, WEALTH & your RELATIONSHIPS.

Everything and all areas of your life will get an huge upgrade - because IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR EMBODIMENT.

You just can be magnetic, if you do the healing & energy work! You really need to change your behavior and that’s just possible by changing your subconscious.

We will figure out a looooooot of subconscious traumas/pattern/programs together, that you really can make your biggest transformation.

Your are worth it.
Everything is changeable.
Everything is healable.
We are made for abundance.

We are here to live our best life!

Are you ready to get healthy, rich & happy?

See you at the seminar ♥️ This seminar will take place online over Zoom. You will receive a link to join before the event starts.

Event Info

Here are the details...

Where: Online Zoom Event
Date: Sunday, July 2nd
Hours: 10am - 5pm CT (1600 - 2300 UTC)

Included in event:
Energetic Coaching & Alignment
Heart Healing
Soul Retrieval
Brand and Message Restructuring for Maximum Magnetism
Hot Seats

Event will be recorded and you will receive the recording if you pre-order.
Recording will be sold afterward for $1000 for those who did not pre-order or attend.