"We are at the height of modern medicine..."

Yet people have never been more sick.

We are told we live in "the most advanced age known to man" and yet, as a society we have never been more in the dark about health.

Many health problems are "normal" today that did not even exist 100 years ago.

You live in a sickness system that profits off of your continued sickness. Natural cures are suppressed and multibillion dollar companies pay to write the mainstream story of medicine.

If you accept what mainstream society tells you, your body has almost no ability to heal and will continue to deteriorate while you rack up HUGE medical bills over time from drugs and surgeries that don't address the root cause of your issues.

The good news is, the truth of real healing is out there for those ready to listen.

In today's world...

If you don't learn the secret of your body's incredible ability to heal itself, you are doomed to experience declining health, accelerated aging, and a shrinking bank account.

When I got out of the Navy my health was falling apart. I was 22 and had vision loss, hearing loss, tinnitus, spinal problems, migraines, and other issues.

They told me some of my problems were "incurable", and that others would need medications or surgery. I decided if I was going to be alive in this world I wanted to figure out how to pilot this human experience.

Over the last 7 years I have healed everything naturally by becoming a student of energy medicine. I learned that anything can be healed as long as you are willing to do the work and receive transformation.

By now you're probably starting to see the patterns that keep most people stuck in suffering and struggle.

What can you do to feel in control over your life? How can you feel at ease and enjoy every moment?

Everything in your body is interconnected through consciousness and life force energy.

You can learn how to work with energy to rejuvenate your body to a youthful, healthy vitality state AT ANY AGE.

Introducing Ultimate Body Healing Breakthrough

The 6-week program designed to give you everything you need to heal yourself and grow your spiritual abilities.

Tap in to powerful healing abilities that they never wanted you to know...
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The Pain is Gone

Anely M.

So, first fantastic thing, the pain is gone without medications! I have a bad hernia that when I get stressed or I lift heavy weights the area around the hernia gets very inflamed and is bad to make it go. I’m drinking a lot of water (I don’t used to ) I’m using my own energies in the morning without doing breakfast!!! ​ I wanted to deeply thank you... Now I see how you are using all that you have learned and sharing with others is an admirable act. I know you most be super busy in this days I just wanted to encourage you to keep encouraging us!

Life Changing

Bella W.

Thank you so much for the breakthrough challenge! It was life changing! I lost 15 pounds but the great thing is I look and feel like I lost 25! It was a big hit for me and it made me pay more attention to what I was eating. I had two babies in a row and I have never had that much weight to loose always had a six-pack so it was frustrating not seeing any change. It really pushed me over that threshold and I'm almost back to my ground zero. Back to running 5 miles a day no sweat! And feeling great! Hope you have an awesome day Max! I will be following you!

Improved My Mobility and Joints


Hey Max! The lessons have really improved my mobility and especially my joints which surprised me. I have a knee that is a mess from an old soccer injury and I’ve needed another surgery for awhile. I think I can keep holding off on that and mayyyybe I’ll never need it! ​ I found you on TikTok and loved what you had to say. I’m getting to know you a little through the challenge I just want you to know I love your energy. It’s silly but I feel like I know you and we’re old friends Thank you for this challenge, thank you for the light and knowledge you bring to your corner of the world!

These Skills Have Changed My Life

Lucy W.

If you are looking to go to the next level spiritually, mentally and physically and interested in learning how to heal yourself. Max is the guy for you. He will show and share with you techniques that are very easy to implement in your everyday routine, but also brings you the most results. In the few short weeks I worked with him I experienced heightened energy and awareness along with clarity. Being able to take and use these skills has truly changed my life. Great work, great guy!

Here's what you'll get in this course...

You will get instant access to video lessons, cheatsheets, downloadable reference guides and audio files to fast-track your growth and transformation.

  • Access the Healing State at Any Time

    Learn how to keep your body in a passive state of healing and regeneration

  • Reverse Buildup of Inflammation

    Reverse the years of built-up inflammation from diet, stress, and living out of balance with the natural state

  • Speed up Your Metabolism

    Increase your metabolic rate and teach the body to burn more fat automatically, while preserving muscle mass

  • Cultivate and Move High Amounts of Energy

    Learn how to draw in and build life force energy to raise the voltage of the cells and affect powerful healing in and around the body

  • Heal Using Energy

    Learn to use energy to heal pains and blocks and have a "healing presence"

  • Unlock New Brainwave States

    Access new brainstates for brain and vision rewiring, third eye opening, and intuition training

Plus these FREE resources

These services and products are provided at no extra charge as part of the program

  • "The Vault" Sacred Healing Practices

    Ancient sacred healing techniques practiced by cultures around the world for longevity, immunity and prevention of disease

  • Live Group Healing & Activation

    Meet live for a group healing training session over Zoom to calibrate and rewire yourself for healing and expansion

  • BONUS COURSE: Delta State Discovery

    Audio course. Master the deepest state of meditation, the delta state, for the most deeply-rooted pattern healing

Meet your instructor

Maxwell Reeder

When I got out of the Navy in 2014 my life was a mess. My body was falling apart, I had tinnitus and hearing loss, my vision was at its worst, I had sleep issues, damaged knee ligaments, misaligned vertebrae, chronic acne, and depression. ​ I decided if I was going to stick around then I was going to learn to master this conscious experience. I began to study natural healing and train in energy mastery. Over the last 7 years I have healed all of my health conditions, some of which doctors told me I could do nothing about. Since then I've made it my mission to spread the message of self healing to the world so that others can find a way out of the suffering pattern that mainstream society tells us is "just part of life." Since getting out of the Navy I have studied Qigong and Chinese Medicine by training with mentors, reading books, attending seminars and workshops, and working with others. Life has a very bright side if you're finished living in the dark. I'm dedicated to helping you move through physical, emotional and spiritual transitions so you can heal from chronic pain and experience your highest transformation possible.

Are you ready to get started?

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days

Join Ultimate Body Healing Breakthrough and get reassurance that if the course isn't working for you for whatever reason, and you have completed 50% or less, you have 30 days to request your money back with no questions asked. Although all students have loved the course so far I want to make sure you get your value for money and find the course very transformative.

You've made it this far...

I really hope you join us in the next Ultimate Body Healing Breakthrough Live Coaching!

Never have humans been so disconnected from their bodies and from nature. Never have people felt more powerless in their lives over their health. You can take control of your future and fast-track your way into the body of your dreams. I promise I'll get you there if you promise that if you join us, you're fully committed. It won't be a walk in the park, but with these lessons and each other, you can do this! - Max